Jewelry Making Tools

Jewelry Making Tools

As a jewelry designer, investing in quality jewelry equipment is essential to improve and perfect your process.

To shape the different wires and other materials together, a jewelry designer needs a variety of jewelry-making tools that are strong yet delicate enough to handle any design's intricacies. Excellent tools lead to exceptional craftsmanship, which helps jewelry designers stand out in the marketplace.

Have a Pair of Pliers on Hand

Jewelry makers have various pliers in their toolbox. At Excel Blades, we offer a range of pliers to fit every need. Our selection includes round, flat, needle nose and bent nose pliers, with or without wire cutters.

Use the Right Cutters and Scissors

Cutters and scissors are also essential pieces of equipment. Side-cutting pliers will help you easily cut through wires and other harder materials. The right craft scissors are a wise investment as well.

Always Have an Equaling File

Depending on the type of materials you're using, an equaling file can be a great tool to keep within arm's reach. When creating jewelry, you typically use wood, stone and precious and semi-precious gems. You're also working with precious metals, including gold and silver. An equaling file helps smooth out materials and create the right shapes.

Consider Comfort

Since jewelry design requires you to work with your hands a lot, always invest in tools for jewelry making with good grips. These are engineered to support your hands when creating and crafting your jewelry. Supportive grips help to prevent your hands and wrists from becoming sore, fatigued or cramped.

Make the Investment

Invest in your business or craft as a jewelry designer to create the finest pieces of jewelry. These jewelry-making tools allow you to craft with finer materials and mold your jewelry with precision and comfort. As your craftmanship improves, your business will reap the benefits.