DIY Summer Crafts You Can Do at Home

RING RING RING! Do you hear that? Our shellphone is ringing to tell us summer is here! The long summer days, barbecues, fresh fruit and DIYs are just a few of our favorite things during this season. We just had to celebrate and what better way to honor this summer than with some fun summer crafts! 

With the kids home for the summer, you have to find a way to occupy their time. What better way to have some family bonding time than doing DIY crafts together. Grab your craft tools, some paper and get the whole gang ready to make some fun summer crafts and seasonal decor. Not only does it get their imagination flowing, but it is also a fun way for them to express themselves.

The bright colors for summer give us some major inspo for fun summer crafts. We have some gorgeous decor crafts that are perfect for a summer barbecue. In this blog, we will be going over how to make pennant banners, paper chain links and environmentally friendly confetti poppers! Check out our fun summer DIYs below. They will bring such life to your next party. 

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Pennant Banner

Tools and Materials Needed

Excel Blades Alumikit

Excel Blades Cutting Mat

Excel Blades Ball Tip Burnisher

Excel Blades Craft Scissors

Pennant Template


Glue or Tape

DIY Summer Crafts


First print out the pennant template. Using your AlumiKit ruler and K18 knife, cut out the pennants from the paper. Make sure to cut on the dotted lines. 

DIY Summer Crafts

Next, using your ball tip burnisher, emboss the dotted line on the end of your pennant. You will see a note on the template that shows where to emboss. Fold the paper where you just embossed the line. 

DIY Summer Crafts

Finally, grab your rope and place the folded part of the pennant onto the rope. Grab your glue, or tape, and secure the pennant onto the rope. 

DIY Summer Crafts

You now have a beautiful pennant to hang up for your next backyard barbecue!

DIY Summer Crafts

Confetti Popper

Tools and Materials Needed

Excel Blades Dual Strip Cutter

Excel Blades K18

Excel Blades Cutting Mat

Excel Blades Craft Scissors

Colored Paper

Toilet Roll/Paper Towel Tube


Tape or Glue

DIY Summer Crafts


First, grab your dual strip cutter and adjust the width of the strips to your desired size. On the edge of your colored papers, slice the paper about an inch horizontal from you. Repeat this process for each color going up the entire length of the paper vertically. Your paper should look like it has fringe on the edge of it.

Then, grab your craft scissors and cut perpendicular to the cuts you made with the dual strip cutter. 

Tip: You want the confetti to be small, so cut the fringe small to have multiple pieces of confetti in one color.

DIY Summer Crafts

Next, grab your toilet paper tube, or paper towel tube, and mark the height of the tube on a piece of colored paper. Before cutting the paper with your craft scissors, make sure you have enough to wrap the entire tube. Grab your tape or glue, and tape one end of the paper onto the tube. Then, roll the tube until it is completely covered. Cut off any excess paper with your scissors and tape, or glue the edge to the tube.

Tip: Have the paper overlap each other so you do not see any brown from the tube.

Now, grab your balloon. Tie a knot at the end of the balloon. Then, using your scissors, cut off the tip of the balloon. You want to make this cut small.

Wrap the balloon around the end of your tube. Finally, place the confetti inside the tube. Pull the balloon back and release to be showered with colorful confetti!

Not only is this a fun DIY for the kids, you can recreate this popper for any occasion birthdays, graduations or even a baby reveal!

DIY Summer Crafts

Paper Chain

Tools and Materials for Paper Chain

Excel Blades Dual Strip Cutter

Excel Blades K18 Grip On Knife

Excel Blades Cutting Mat

Chain Template


First, print out your chain template. Using your dual strip cutter, adjust the width of the blades to match the width of the template strips. Cut the length of the strips with the dual strip cutter.

DIY Summer Crafts

Then, grab your K18 and cut the ends of the strips. Repeat this process for each strip.

Next, place a small amount of glue on the edge of the strip. On the strip, it will say where to place the glue. Then, close your first link.

Finally, grab your next strip and weave it through the first circle to link them together before gluing. Once you have placed the loop inside the strip, glue that strip shut to create another loop. You have now started creating your chain! Repeat this process for all of your strips until you are done.

We hope you enjoyed our summer craft DIYs as much as we did! Don't forget to show us your Summer DIYs and all of your craft projects by tagging us on Instagram at excelblades. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for tips and tricks on our tools. Be sure to visit Excel Blades for all of your craft tool needs.

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