DIY Sunflower - Jason Koons (@Jason_Koons)

Excel blades is excited to share a new DIY project by artist and influencer Jason Koons (@Jason_Koons) for when you really start missing the warm weather.  Jason shows you a simple sunflower project that you can frame.  With a few tools and a steady hand you’ll have sunflowers all over your house!  Whether you are looking for something to brighten your day or keep you busy, this DIY project will have you going crazy for sunflowers.
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FLORAL WALL DECORATION - Maria Marinoni (@maria.marinoni)

  Excel Blades is excited to share a new video made by artist and influencer Maria Marinoni for Paper Crafting Month.  Maria shows you a very simple floral project and papercutting technique with a few tools.  You do have the option to add the colored background however, it is not necessary.  Free your imagination and doodle as you want.  When ...
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DIY Christmas Card - Maria Marinoni (@maria.marinoni)

DIY Christmas Card We all know: a handmade Christmas card keep the heart of the recipient warm and makes a gift unforgettable. During Christmas holidays you can have fun making wonderful DIY papercutting cards. It's a simple and cozy activity for which you'll need very few tools, only unlimited creativity! Merry Christmas and... enjoy!   For th...
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