Make Framed Cameo Art

A pink dream house is on many people's minds right now, including ours. We've shown you several examples of DIY art but this one may be our favorite to date. 

Supplies you will need for this project:

- Cutting mat

-K26 Fig-grip Knife (in pink of course)

- Craft paper is several shades of pink

- Photo frame with a mat frame

- Glue

Step One:

Select the pink hue you want to use for the stripes on the mat frame. Then using the K26 Fit-grip craft knife cut thin strips, Double check that your paper is longer than the height of the mat frame. 

 Step Two:

Glue the strips of pink paper in a stripe pattern. Set aside to dry. 

Step Three:

From another shade of pink paper, cut out the cameo and glue on a pink background. Let the glue dry. 

Step Four:

Put together the mat frame, the cameo and picture frame. Hang up and enjoy!