• Excel Blades - 18" x 24" CUTTING MAT
    The Excel Blades Self-Healing Mat is a must-have accessory for hobbyists and designers who frequently use cutting tools. 
    • 12 x 18" in size
    • Available in Green and Clear
    • Features a one-inch grid pattern for accurate cutting and trimming
    • These cutting mats feature a surface material that absorbs cuts from a sharp Excel Blades knife.
    • The cutting mat reserves the surfaces around your work space and protects it from sharp tools creating damage to the area. 
    • Made from PVC

    This five-layered combination protects the tabletop as well as the craft knife blade or rotary cutter blade, the hard yet soft surface protects the cutting edge of blades but allowing to cut into the mat protecting it from dulling. 

    18" x 24" Self-Healing Cutting Mat

    Product number: #60004

    Color: Green