Made in the USA
Light duty
Carbon steel
  • Chisel Blade

    Excel Blades - #17 Small Chisel Replacement Blade

    • Made from carbon steel
    • Available in packs of 5, 15, 100, 1000
    • Used for: remove layers, shape materials and light chiseling
    • Large chisel blade gives you the ultimate precision that allows you to make a more skillful cut than your traditional chisel blade
    • This versatile replacement blade fits with all standard light and medium duty xacto style knives, chisel blade.
    • Used with: matte board, linoleum, foam core, plastic, cardboard, plaster cast, cork, metal, stone, wood, balsa wood, rubber, wax, clay and more
    • Used for: model making, paper cutting, cake decorating, and polymere clay.
    • Used by graphic artists, architects, clay artists, wood carvers, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists and crafters.
    • Fits with: K1, K3, K17, K18, K26, K30, & K71 handles
    • L – 1.500/ H – 0.350 / E - 0.350/ S – 0.250/ T – 0.020
    • Made in the USA

#17 Chisel Blade

Product number: #20017



This knife is best utilized for the following: Precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, Foamcore plastic, Wood, Cloth, Film, Model making, Clay carving, and Pumpkin carving.

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