• Excel Blades Swiss Style Mini Hammer


    For hobbyists, modelmakers, jewelers and watchmakers alike. Tackle your next precision project with this 2oz (56g) mini hammer. Swiss style hammerhead is made from high quality forged steel and has a smooth polished surface. Features a flat face and a chisel face. Firmly fitted on a wooden handle.

    Uses include miniature work, modelmaking, woodworking, rivet setting, upholstery work, jewelry and watch making. 

    Used by modelmakers, miniaturists, doll-house makers, cosplayers, jewelers, watchmakers, furniture craftsmen and restorers.


    • Hammer head is made from forged steel with a smooth finish.
    • Hammer head width measures 2.75in/7cm
    • Round face diameter measures 0.45in/11mm
    • Handle is made from wood
    • Overall hammer measures 9in/22.8cm
    • Handle measures 8.5in/22cm
    • Hammer weighs 2oz/56g


    Always use safety glasses or protective face shield when working with tools.



    Swiss Style Mini Hammer

    Product number: #55672