Stainless steel
  • Excel Blades- Slant Point Tweezers

    Excel Blades Curved Fine Tip Tweezers for Intricate Projects, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Beauty, Rhinestone application, Model Trains, Microelectronics and more!

    • Fine curved point for precision use.
    • Stainless Steel Body 
    • Used for: picking up tiny pieces, working with jewelry, microelectronics, model trains, nail art, rhinestoning and quilling
    • Available in: red, black, silver and blue 
    • Includes (1) one 4.5in-11.4cm. Slant Point Tweezer 
    • California Prop 65 Warning: Nickel- Cancer. For more information visit:
    • Imported

    Slant point tweezers are a versatile type of tweezers specially designed to handle a multitude of tasks including art, crafts, grooming and personal care. These tweezers feature a slanted tip with a fine point. Some common uses for slant point tweezers are: Paper Crafting, Gluing, Beadwork & Jewelry Making, Miniatures & Dioramas, Model Making, Quilling, Sublimation & Vinyl Art, Beauty & Lash Extensions, First Aid, Microelectronics and more! 

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Slant Point Tweezers

Product number: #30426

Color: Red