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Have you ever seen copper wire art and wondered "how did they make that?"  If you've been looking to add a personal touch to your décor this DIY is for you!  Wire art is a new, unique way of creating a custom wire sculpture with just a few tools.  Wire wrapping is a fun, easy, and forgiving material to work with.  All you'll need are pliers (needle nose and round nose pliers), end nippers or wire cutters, some foam or cloth, copper wire (or your preferred color), 4 screws and a wooden block.  This short tutorial will have you wanting to make wire bonsai trees for everyone!
This wire tree sculpture is easy to make!  It is a fun project to do when your creative juices are flowing.  Whether it is when you first wake up or when you've just been sitting on the couch for too long and you want to get creative.  This project only needs a few tools and materials that you probably already have around your house, you just didn't know it!  Seriously, who would have known that pliers would be the perfect wire wrapping tool.  This is the perfect accent piece for your décor and the ideal housewarming gift for a friend.
Sit back, relax, and watch as we show you how to make your own wire bonsai tree!
Copper Wire (20 gauge)
EVA Foam (you can use cloth or other foam)
Wooden Block with 4 screws
Step 1: Grab your copper wire and end nippers.  Unwind the wire and with your cutting mat or ruler measure our 16" - 18" of wire.  We chose to cut our wires at 16 inches.  Take your end nippers and cut the wire off of the spool.  Repeat this process until you have a minimum of 25 wires at your desired length.
Step 2: Separate your wires into 4 equal parts.  Once separated, grab your wooden block with 4 screws and take each bundle of wires and wrap them around the screws.
Step 3: Once the wire is secure, bring all four bundles to the enter of the block.  Grab your foam (or cloth) and needle nose pliers.  Wrap the foam around the wires, take your pliers and place it over the foam and twist the wires together.
Tip: The foam will help to not scratch the wire as you twist them together with the pliers.  If you do not have foam, you can use cloth or a microfiber towel.  Turning the block as you twist, instead of the piers, will also help you.  Not only will it make it easier to twist them together, it will trim off some time on your project.
Step 4:  Once you've started the trunk of the tree, grab a minimum of 4 wires and separate it from the trunk.  Grab your pliers and foam piece again and twist the branch wires together.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the trunk and branches separated the way you want.
Step 5: After everything has been separated, grab your round nose pliers  Go to the end of your first branch, grab one wire piece and with your pliers create little circle by wrapping the wire around the nose of the pliers.  This will act as little leaves for the tree.
Repeat this process for each wire piece.
Tip: having the tree lay on the table will make it easier to twist the wire when creating leaves with the round nose pliers.
Step 6: Now that all the wires have been twisted into "leaves" move the wires around to how you want them.
Step 7: Finally, take the wire tree off the wooden block and screws and place it inside your decorative bowl.  Add rocks, marbles, jewels, whatever you'd like to fill in the space in the bowl.
You have now created you very own Wire Bonsai Tree!  Your artwork is now ready to be showcased in your house or gifted to a friend.
We hope you enjoyed this wire tree art as much as we did!  Don't forget to show us how you DIY by tagging us on Instagram at excelblades and  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more DIY projects and tips on our tools.

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