Replacement Blades

#17 Chisel Blade

#17 Chisel Blade

From $4.32

Every crafter knows that joyful surge that comes from the first time you begin using a new craft blade.

Whether you’re decorating a cake that looks so good it should have its own baking show or you’re producing a piece of art that lets your soul sing, the precision that comes from a new blade truly elevates your work to the next echelon, giving it an unmistakably professional sheen. 

And speaking of professional, pros know you shouldn’t be waiting for your trusty blade to snap or chip before you go reaching for the replacement blades. No, waiting for your blade to officially go kaput is a mistake too many rookie crafters make, letting their work suffer while the blade goes dull. Stop waiting too long and call on your hobby knife replacement blades as soon as your blade stops moving through your work like the metaphorical hot knife through butter. 

A fresh blade allows for ultra precision, giving you the perfect tool to make cuts that set your work apart. Indeed, a mere blade replacement can transform your craft in a major way, giving it a look that suggests it came from the hand of a master craftsman, no mere hobbyist hacking away with inferior tools and subpar skills. 

So whether you need a medical-grade scalpel, a fine saw blade, a stencil edge blade or anything in between, let a fresh blade from Excel rejuvenate your cutting work, restoring your knife to the premier tool it was on the very day you began putting it to work in your craft studio.